Cebu Canyoneering and Kawasan Falls Tour

Cebu Canyoneering is a heart thumping adventure!



Badian canyoneering or canyoning is an extreme but fun activity that is done in Kawasan Falls. Kawasan falls canyoneering is a sought after adventure in Badian, Cebu. The falls is crystal blue and mystical…anyone would want to plunge into. 

Moreover, exploring the canyons in the area is what many would want to venture. In the recent years, Kawasan canyoneering in Badian has gained its popularity with both international and local tourist. With the people’s love for excitement and risks, they would opt for this Cebu canyonnering. 

This canyoneering begins in the mountain area of Badian and ends in the final level of Kawasan falls. If one goes to the Philippines, Badian canyoneering is a must. Canyoneering in Cebu includes hiking, water rafting, climbing…and jumping off falls! This four to five hour kawasan falls canyoneering would end in the 40-feet high ice-cold waters of Kawasan. This is surely going to pump your body and soul up!

What You Can Expect in Cebu Canyoning:

  • Experience an adventure of a lifetime through Cebu Kawasan canyoneering
  • Hassle-free Cebu Canyoning tour package that will make your travel easier
  • Enjoy the convenience of round trip private transportation
  • Be fascinated by the chills canyoneering and Kawasan Falls bring
  • If you are looking for a thrill, this the deal for you!
Cebu Canyoneering Adventure
Cebu Canyoneering With Friends
Cebu Canyoneering Adventure Tour
Circle of life at Kawasan Falls Canyoneering
Cebu Canyoneering
Enjoying the Canyons at Badian Canyoneering
Cebu Canyoneering
Splashing with the waterfalls


  • 4:00 AM – Pick up at Cebu City/Travel to Badian
  • 7:00 AM – Breakfast
  • 8:00 AM – Canyoneering
  • 12:00 PM – Lunch
  • 1:00 PM – Travel back to Cebu City
  • 4:00 PM – Drop off

Price Per Person:

No. Of Persons Amount
1 Person Php 9,090 each
2 Persons Php 6,290 each
3 Persons Php 5,890 each
4 Persons Php 5,590 each
5 Persons Php 4,990 each
6 Persons Php 4,790 each
7 Persons Php 4,590 each
8 Persons Php 3,390 each
9 Persons Php 4,190 each
10 Persons Php 4,090 each
11 Persons Php 3,990 each
12 Persons Php 3,890 each


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Cebu Canyoneering Tips:

Planning for an adventure of a lifetime – the most amazing Cebu canyoneering experience? Before you ever go, be sure you know what you are up to. Here are the things you should prepare for:

1. Exercise
2. Bottled Water
3. Shoes
4. Underwater Camera
5. Dry Bag
6. Snacks
7. Rash Guard
8. Sport Leggings
9. Batteries


Cancellation Policy:
  • Travel Cebu (TC) issues FULL refund issued for cancellation made at least 72 hours prior to the activity to those who paid the full amount or 50% down payment.
  • TC does NOT issue refund  to those who chose to pay 2,000 pesos for down payment.
No Activity Policy:
  • At times that the activity or adventure cannot be pushed through during the tour due to unpredictable nature, inclement weather and other environmental factors that are beyond our control, please take note that no refund for transportation is given. However, activity fees are refundable.
Child Policy & Rate:
  • For whale shark watching, Oslob’s policy does not allow children aged 0-5 to participate in the snorkeling activity with the whale shark but allows them to watch from the boat.
  • TC does NOT charge children who are two (2) years old and below. This age group is not part of the counting of the “number of guests.”
  • TC gives 30 % discount to children three to seven (3 to 7) years old. Also, this age group is not part of the counting of t he “number of guests”.
  • TC charges eight (8) years old and above the full travel cost.
  • To book this tour, guest will pay through bank deposit or credit card via PayPal and Paymongo.
  • Guest can choose to pay the full price or 50% down payment/deposit and pay the remaining balance in CASH upon tour date.

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3,890 per person
*Price is based on 12 persons

3,890 per person
*Price is based on 12 persons




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