Best Restaurants in Cebu

Restaurants in Cebu are mixed with traditional cuisine and international flavor. Cebu is one of the most visited places in the Philippines because of its rich culture, history, and nature. Also, going around the city and doing a lot of activities will surely leave you hungry.

What more, the flourishing tourism has a positive impact on restaurants in Cebu. Few decades ago, there were only few restaurants in Cebu.  And, most of those were Chinese-influenced cuisine. As time passed by, the taste buds of the Cebuanos evolved due to the influence of the tourists.

A wide range of cuisine can be found in the most popular restaurants in Cebu such as Filipino, Mediterranean, Western, Chinese and Korean. Restaurants offer an extensive selection of food from the freshest seafood to a first class cuts of meat. Not only that restaurants provide delicious food, but they also have unique ambiance.

When traveling, “Where to Eat in Cebu” is part of the checklist since dining experience in this island is a must-try. Indulge in a dining pleasure for a group lunch with your travel buddies. Or, maybe dinner with your business partners.  What about have family and friends over a hearty dinner. Truly, “foodtrip” in Cebu is a delightful and exciting experience.

Where to eat in Cebu? Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Cebu for 2023 to answer your question.


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    Check out the following restaurants when you travel Cebu:

    1. Top of Cebu

    best restaurant in Cebu

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    is on literally the “top” of Cebu in Busay, Cebu Transcentral Highway. It has just opened last August of 2017. This is the best place for those who have not gone to Cebu yet since it allows a good view of the city.

    Moreover, one can enjoy the natural cool breeze in that restaurant. Further, sunset and city lights are magnificent in the place. And, food and its price is not bad at all. Personal favorites are the Bagoong Rice Platter (good for 4 to 5 persons) costing P 280, Mango-Kani Salad (P 190) and Salted-Egg Calamares (P 280).

    2. Lantaw Native Floating Restaurant

    restaurant in cebu lantaw

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    is a native restaurant with two branches. These branches are in Cordova (in Mactan) and in SRP (near SM Seaside). In Cordova branch, you may stop by at the popular “10k Roses” spot which is just beside the resto. “Lantaw” is a Cebuano-Visayan term for “looking over in a distance”.

    Moreover, overlooking the sea, the city (city lights), and hills of Cebu is something that you can do in here. The smell and the feel of the sea breeze would give you a calming effect.

    In addition, your foreign friends who wish to taste Filipino cuisine would appreciate this restaurant. My usual would be Crispy Pata (P 345), Ginataang Monggo (P120), and Spicy Scallops (P160).

    3. Casa Verde Cebu

    restaurant in cebu casa verde

    is a Spanish-American combination restaurant with three locations. The original, largest branch is in Ramos. The other two are in The Walk IT Business Park and in Ayala Center Cebu.

    This family-owned restaurant was named “Casa Verde” which means “green house” in Spanish. The owners’ Spanish roots inspire Casa Verde. Casa Verde’s first branch is an ancestral house of the family. For this reason, customers go there for the “homey” ambiance. Although their place is Spanish-inspired, the food is definitely American-inspired.

    The most reputable dish is the P250 – Baby Back Ribs with a side dish of mixed vegetables and mashed potato or rice. The large serving in this restaurant would surely leave you SO full.

    4. House of Lechon

    best restaurant in cebu house of lechon

    is where you can get ahold of the sought-after Lechon of Cebu. It has three branches: Kamputhaw, Robinsons Galleria, and Talisay. Cebu’s “Lechon” or roasted pig is the most popular delicacy of the region.

    Guests would usually look for “lechon” when they come to Cebu. And, hosts would prepare it since Cebuanos consider it a very tasty dish. Specifically, the lechon in Carcar (a place in southern Cebu) is one that most people would seek. 

    Carcar’s lechon has the most unique and original flavor. Carcar is two to three hour drive from the city. Fortunately, House of Lechon is a restaurant in Cebu City that caters this Carcar lechon. 

    5. Circa 1900 Casa Uno

    restaurant in cebu circa

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    is where vintage meets classy modern restaurant. This is in Sanjercas Ville Ext. Rd, Cebu City. The rehabilitated ancestral colonial home of this restaurant makes it cultural. In the busy city of Cebu, there lies somewhere this antique restaurant.

    However, what makes it stand out, is the expertise of the chef branded in the food. The Chef carefully places local ingredients in international cuisines. The food taste and preparation are impeccable. This restaurant is perfect for dates and intimate conversations.

    6. Vikings Luxury Buffet

    restaurant in cebu vikngs

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    Is a buffet restaurant that offers a worldwide cuisine in SM City Cebu. “Foodtripping” in this restaurant is another mode to take pleasure in countless food coming from more than 9 nations and cultures.

    Vikings Luxury Buffet is an international award-winning food chain and the largest buffet restaurant in the Philippines. The interior of the restaurant boasts a modern contemporary design.  It has a hint of pop, a color scheme and patterns that are youthful and refreshing to the eyes. Moreover, it is spacious that can seat up to 350 diners.

    To add,  it has two VIP rooms with a seating capacity of 20 (big room) and 10 (small room). They also have an al fresco dining area to accommodate more foodies. You can choose from an extensive selection of Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Italian, French and Western food. They also have dessert and drink stations.

    7. La Vie Parisienne Cebu

    restaurant in cebu

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    is a wine and deli restaurant in Lahug, Cebu City. This restaurant is a combination of excellent wine priced quite affordably. It has a wonderful French cuisine and a romantic ambiance.

    Dining and hanging out in this place will transport you to another country. La Vie Parisienne Cebu is more of a bakery and winery that offers fantastic pastries than a restaurant.

    However, they have quite a limited selection in terms of heavier, dinner and appropriate dishes. They feature a wide selection of affordable and delightful wine in their cool cellar. You can pick the pastries and drinks of your choice. Or, you can ask the chef or their hospitable staff for recommendations.

    If you enjoy having light snacks and wine al fresco, this will be the place for you. The lighted dome, teepee and low couches on the grass make this a very romantic restaurant.


    Restaurants in Cebu have so much more to offer. Your trip would not be complete without having a “food trip” in Cebu. Satisfy your taste buds with limitless variety of gastronomic adventure in this beautiful Queen City of the South. Bon appetit!

    For restaurants and places to visit in Cebu, make Travel Cebu, your tour guide. Or You can check more tourist guides in Cebu with this – Cebu Tourist Guides

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  • Fatima Waden says:

    This is very helpful for the beginners will use this to my net travel in Cebu. Been there last February after lockdown, I can say that Cebu City is the best and people around there are so good. You must also try some cebu food trip foods are really delicious there ! Will try the resto you share 🙂

  • LinetteJuicy says:

    Hello Travel Cebu,

    We want to go to Top of Cebu to have our dinner and at the same time avail your tour package.

    What would you suggest?

    Hope to hear from you. Thank you

    • Travel Cebu says:

      Hi Linette,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, sure we can do that.

      Actually, while we do the tour, we can pass by at Top of Cebu.

      I would suggest to do it with our Cebu City Tour Package.

      Here’s the quotation for our City Tour –

      City with Mountain Tour Package


      – Entrance Fees
      – Hotel Transfer
      – Private Tour
      – Driver
      – Fuel


      – Pick up at Cebu City
      – Museo Sugbo
      – The Heritage of Cebu Monument
      – Yap San Diego Ancestral House
      – Magellan’s Cross
      – Basilica Del Sto. Nino
      – Sirao Flower Farm
      – Temple of Leah
      – Taoist Temple
      – Drop off

      ?Price –

      1 person – P 4,390 per person
      2 persons – P 2,390 per person
      3 persons – P 1,990 per person
      4 persons – P 1,690 per person
      5 persons – P 1,590 per person
      6 persons – P 1,490 per person
      7 persons – P 1,390 per person
      8 persons – P 1,290 per person
      9 persons – P 1,190 per person
      10 persons – P 1,090 per person
      11 persons – P 990 per person
      12 persons – P 890 per person

      10,000 roses – additional 1,500 for the whole group (not per person)

      If you have any questions, please send us an email.

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      Hi Linette,

      We suggest to avail our Cebu City Tour Package. Please check your email, we have sent you the details there.

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