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History of Casa Gorodo House Museum

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Casa Gorordo Museum, located in Cebu City, was originally owned by Alejandro Reynes Y Rosales in the mid-19th century. In 1863, a Spanish merchant, Juan Isidro de Gorordo, purchased it.

Four generations of the Gorordo family, including Juan Gorordo, the first Filipino bishop of Cebu (1910-1932), resided in this house.

Juan Gorordo is celebrated as the first Cebuano bishop, marking a significant figure in the museum’s history. The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. acquired the museum in 1980, restored it, and opened it as a public museum.

The National Historical Institute declared Casa Gorordo a National Historical Landmark on September 24, 1991, highlighting its significance in local history.

Casa Gorordo Museum is a must-visit among Cebu tourist spots.

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Entrance Fee

As of May 20, 2024, the entrance fee for Casa Gorordo Museum in Cebu City is 100 pesos. If you opt for a guided tour, the fee is 150 pesos. Additionally, college students receive a discounted entrance fee.

How To Get There

By Car: Drive to 35 Eduardo Aboitiz St in Cebu City. The museum is located in Parian, a historical district.

By Public Transportation: Take a jeepney heading to Colon Street. Get off near the intersection with Mabini Street and walk a few blocks to 35 Eduardo Aboitiz St.

By Taxi or Rideshare: Provide the driver with the address: Casa Gorordo Museum, 35 Eduardo Aboitiz St, Parian, Cebu City. This is a convenient option if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

By Private Tour: For a more personalized experience, private Cebu tours can be arranged. This option is perfect for groups or individuals seeking an in-depth exploration of the museum’s exhibits and history.

Parking Information

Limited parking is available near the museum, so arriving early is advisable, especially on weekends and holidays.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Casa Gorordo Museum is during the dry season, from November to May.

This period offers pleasant weather, making it ideal for exploring Cebu City’s historical sites without the interruption of rain. Weekdays are generally less crowded, providing a more relaxed experience.

Visiting early in the day allows you to enjoy the museum’s exhibits comfortably and avoid the midday heat.

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Opening Hours

8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Casa Gorordo Museum Location

Casa Gorordo Museum is in the Parian district of Cebu City, Philippines. It is on Aboitiz Street, a historical area that adds to the museum’s charm.

Cebu City is the ‘oldest city’ in the Philippines, highlighting the museum’s location’s historical significance.

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Frequently Ask Questions:

How Did Casa Gorordo Become a Museum?

Casa Gorordo, located in Cebu City, was originally a family home built in the mid-19th century by Alejandro Reynes y Rosales and purchased by Spanish merchant Juan Isidro de Gorordo in 1863.

This residence, home to four generations of the Gorordo family, including Juan Gorordo, the first Filipino bishop of Cebu, became a museum when the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. acquired and restored it in 1980.

By September 24, 1991, the National Historical Institute had declared it a National Historical Landmark, preserving its legacy for future generations.

What Materials, Including Pure Philippine Hardwood, Are Used in Casa Gorordo?

Casa Gorordo, located in Cebu City, is an architectural marvel made from pure Philippine hardwood and coral stone.

The house museum’s walls showcase the durability and beauty of these materials. Inside, you’ll find locally crafted household items and paintings that reflect the Cebuano lifestyle.

The use of these materials highlights the era’s craftsmanship and preserves this historic residence’s rich history. Combining wood and stone, the structure ensures the house remains a cultural landmark in the Philippines.

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