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10,000 Roses Cafe Cebu Description

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Situated on the peaceful shores of Cordova, Mactan Island, the 10000 Roses Cafe is more than just a cafe-it’s a captivating experience.

As its name implies, this one-of-a-kind destination is renowned for its awe-inspiring showcase of 10,000 LED-powered white roses, casting a spellbinding glow over the landscape. The sight is both enchanting and surreal.

During the day, the cafe serves as a serene getaway where visitors can enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks while soaking in the spectacular sea views and the gentle Cebuano breeze.

Visitors can also order food and drinks at the cafe. The menu at the 10000 Roses Cafe features a variety of local and international fare, ensuring that there’s something to satisfy every palate.

It is known for its good food and ambiance.

As the sun sets, the ambiance at the cafe transforms with the dusk. The LED roses come to life in a dazzling display of lights, mirroring the star-studded sky above.

It’s a popular spot for tourists and locals, ideal for those looking to capture stunning photos, enjoy a relaxing evening, or bask in the glow of thousands of lit roses.

Whether you’re exploring with loved ones or seeking a solo adventure, the 10000 Roses Cafe guarantees a memorable time.

This makes it a must-visit Cebu tourist attraction that adds a sprinkle of magic to any Cebu trip.

Don’t forget to time your visit to catch the breathtaking transition from day to night.

10,000 roses at night

Entrance Fee

The 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cebu entrance fees are 20 pesos per person as of June 2024.

This modest fee allows you access to the unique attraction, where you can enjoy scenic views and a stunning display of LED-powered roses.

How To Get There

  1. From Cebu City:

  • By Taxi or Rideshare: The most convenient way is to take a taxi or a rideshare service like Grab. Depending on traffic, it’s about a 1—to 1.5-hour drive.

  • By Public Transportation: Take a jeepney or bus to the Lapu-Lapu City terminal, then transfer to a jeepney that goes to Cordova. You should take a tricycle from the Cordova drop-off point to the cafe.

  1. From Mactan-Cebu International Airport:

  • Taxi or Rideshare: You can hire a cab or book a Grab car to take you to the cafe. This is the quickest and most straightforward route, taking about 30-45 minutes.

  • Public Transport: Take a multi-cab or jeepney to Opon Public Market in Lapu-Lapu City, switch to a jeepney for Cordova, and finally, a tricycle to the cafe.

  1. Driving: If you have access to a private vehicle:

    • Navigate towards Mactan Island via the Marcelo Fernan Bridge or the Mactan-Mandaue Bridge.

    • Follow the main road and signs leading to Cordova.

    • The cafe is well-signposted as it’s a popular tourist spot.

    • Nearby attractions include the Lantaw Floating Restaurant, which is also located in Cordova, Cebu.

  1. Private Cebu Tour Package:

  • Customized Tour: Travel Cebu offers private cebu tour packages, including a visit to the 10,000 Roses Cafe and other attractions on Mactan Island and nearby areas. This option provides the convenience of a pre-planned itinerary and a personal guide.

When arriving late afternoon, enjoying the daylight and the illuminated roses at night is recommended.

Best Time To Visit

10,000 roses different lights

The best time to visit the 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cebu is late afternoon and evening. This timing allows you to experience the best of both worlds at the cafe:

Daytime Views: Arriving in the late afternoon lets you enjoy the last hours of daylight with a serene view of the sea and the surrounding area. It’s a great time to relax at the cafe and enjoy delicious food and drinks.

LED Roses Illumination: As the sun sets, the 10,000 LED-powered white roses light up, transforming the area into a breathtaking display of lights.

The illuminated garden offers a magical ambiance perfect for photography, romantic outings, or simply enjoying the unique setting.

Avoiding Crowds: Visiting late afternoon also helps you avoid the larger crowds that can gather after dark, especially on weekends and holidays.

Cooler Temperatures: Cebu can be quite warm during the day, so visiting later will benefit you from cooler temperatures, making your visit more comfortable.

This timing ensures you fully appreciate both the natural beauty of the cafe’s location and the spectacular light display it’s famous for.

Opening Hours

The operating hours of the 10,000 Roses Cafe are from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM every day.

10,000 Roses Cebu Location

The 10,000 Roses Cafe is located in the municipality of Cordova on Mactan Island, specifically at Barangay Day-as. It is situated along the coast, providing stunning views of the sea. The exact address is:

10,000 Roses Cafe & More Day-as Barangay Road, Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

This location is relatively close to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, making it accessible for local and international visitors.

The cafe’s coastal position offers beautiful sunset views and a refreshing ambiance away from the hustle and bustle of Cebu City.

10,000 Roses Cafe And More Photos

10,000 roses tree

10,000 roses logo

10,000 roses white lights

Frequently Ask Questions:

How To Go to 10000 Roses From Cebu City?

Taxi or Rideshare: To get to 10000 Roses Cafe, take a direct taxi or use a rideshare app like Grab. Depending on traffic, this is the quickest and most convenient method. It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.

Public Transportation: Board a jeepney to Lapu-Lapu City, transfer to another jeepney for Cordova, and finish with a tricycle to 10000 Roses Cafe. This is the most economical route but involves multiple transfers.

Private Car: Drive across the Marcelo Fernan Bridge or Mandaue-Mactan Bridge to Mactan Island, follow signs to Cordova, and then to 10000 Roses Cafe. This offers flexibility and a scenic drive.

Private Cebu Tour Package: Book a tour that includes 10000 Roses Cafe. This option handles all logistics and provides a guided experience.

Is 10,000 roses real?

No, the “roses” at the 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cebu are unreal. This renowned tourist attraction in Cordova, Mactan Island, features an impressive array of 10,000 LED-powered roses.

These synthetic white roses light up beautifully, creating a magical ambiance for photography or a romantic evening.

The site combines technological artistry with natural beauty, making it a unique destination for visitors looking to experience something different in the Philippines.

What time is best to see the 10,000 roses?

The optimal time to witness the stunning display of LED-powered roses at the 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cebu is during the late afternoon leading into the evening.

This timing allows you to experience the serene sea views by day and the magical illumination of the 10,000 white roses by night.

Arriving as the sun sets enhances your visit, offering a picturesque backdrop of dusk as the roses light up, providing a perfect setting for capturing memorable photos and enjoying a relaxing evening.

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