2024 Bantayan Island Cebu: How to go there

If you need an itinerary and guide to Bantayan Island Cebu, this blog is for you


Bantayan Island Cebu is an excellent spot for relaxation with its exquisite beauty. It has white sands, clear blue beaches, tranquil mood, and hospitable people. Truly, locals and foreign tourists alike have sought for this hidden gem! Thus, if you make right choices, you can enjoy Bantayan Island at an affordable cost.

Here are steps to follow so you can get to and experience Bantayan Island Cebu:

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    1. Travel from Mactan Cebu International Airport to North Bus Terminal.

    If you just step on the airport and wish to head to Bantayan Island Cebu immediately, you have to be ready for a 6-hour travel. Therefore, it is suggested you stay in the city for a day if you do not want exhaustion from traveling. However, if you think you are up for it, then here is an instruction in getting to Bantayan Island Cebu.

    From the airport, you have three options. First, you can have the MyBus, the city’s transit for transport convenience. MyBus is just outside the airport (exit) and is visible. This is the cheapest way to get to North Bus Terminal. It would only cost P25. However, there is a schedule to follow to embark on MyBus (See MyBus Cebu Schedule).

    bantayan island cebu
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    Next option is through a Grab Car application. If you are a foreigner and not familiar to Grab, this application is just like the Uber in the West. Depending on the traffic situation, the price ranges from P 150 to P 300.

    If you cannot get ahold of the application, you can have the Airport Yellow Taxi. However, this is quite pricey. Since this is the airport’s official cab, the rate would go from P 300 to P 500.

    The travel time from Mactan Cebu International Airport to Cebu City’s North Bus Terminal is 30 to 45 minutes. Surprisingly though, when traffic is absent, you can actually arrive in 20 minutes. Thus, it is better you take an early flight to avoid road congestion.

    2. Go to Hagnaya Port via bus or van.

    From the North Bus Terminal, you are to head to Hagnaya Port, where the ferry to Bantayan Island Cebu is at.

    If you wish to get to Bantayan Island Cebu at a favorable time, get to North Bus Terminal between 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM. There are many buses (with airconditioner or without airconditioner) you can board to transport you to Hagnaya Port. However, the most recommended bus would be Ceres (Yellow) Bus. It would cost P 170.

    Also, at the North Bus Terminal, you may opt for a van. The van would cost P100 higher than the Bus’.
    bantyan island cebu bus
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    If you leave early and traffic is light, you can get to Hagnaya Port in four hours. However, traffic has been difficult these days, and travel would be from five to six hours.

    Also remember, buses and vans from the bus terminal would do stopovers when they drop passengers off along the way.

    And, since it is a long travel, convenience is to be accounted for. If you are traveling in group, it is best you hire an accredited tour van through Travel Cebu. (Travel Cebu can arrange for everything for you. That may include airport pick-up, your Bantayan Island travel, accommodation, etcetera.)

    3. Cross to Bantayan Island from mainland Cebu via ship.


    Now that you’ve arrived at Hagnaya Port, you are to board a ferry to transport you to Bantayan Island. But before that, take note that you have just come from long hours of land travel. You will have arrived by 11 am to 12 n. It is time to eat your lunch. The Hagnaya Port has eateries where you can eat at. You may eat there or buy something.

    You then buy a ticket to get you to Sta Fe., Bantayan Island Cebu. The ticket costs P 180.  So by this time, you can have the 11:30 AM or 12:30 PM trip. For more details, see Bantayan Island Ferry Schedules and Fares.
    bantayan island cebu ferry schedule
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    Once you are to enter the inside port, you are to purchase a P10 terminal fee. Then, when you are to board, you are to present your ticket to the inspector. In the ferry, expect an hour and a half travel by water.

    4. Travel from Bantayan Port to your hotel.

    bantyan island cebu port
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    So you have now docked at Bantayan Port? At the port, you are to pay P 30 for the environmental fee. Someone at the gate will just ask that from you,.

    You have then arrived at Bantayan Port around 1 PM. This time is just perfect for check in for your hotel. Do not forget to book your hotel ahead of time. Bantayan Island Cebu is a popular destination. And, hotels are full before you even know it.

    Two most recommended hotels are Anika Beach Resort and Kota Beach Resort. These hotels are cost-friendly yet the amenities and views are superb.

    Anika Beach Resort has their own van that fetches their guests from Bantayan Port. The van has a label of Anika. And, drivers already know the time of your arrival. It does not take long. You will have arrived in 7 to 10 minutes at the resort.
    bantyan island cebu anika resort

    On the other hand, if you have watched the 2016 Philippine movie “Camp Sawi”, you already get a glimpse of Kota Beach Resort. Kota Beach Resort is slightly cheaper than Anika’s. However, Kota’s shoreline and beach are just as exceptional.
    bantayan island cebu kota

    If there is no van to fetch you, you may ride a motorela/tricycle. It costs P 10 to P 20 .

    5. Enjoy the waters for your first day in the island.

    bantayan island cebu beach

    So, you have checked in at your hotel? Relax. Do not think of doing so many activities for your first day. After all, you have just had a lengthy travel to Bantayan Island Cebu. Thus, you can just wear your swim attire and dip in the refreshing, cool waters.

    Since the water has pure sands (not rocks or mud), you can take pleasure in water dipping or swimming. You can enjoy this until dusk. During dusk, the place becomes romantic. Lovers can walk by the shores during this time.

    6. Do island hopping for your second day in the island.

    For your second day, wake up at around 5:30 am to watch the sunrise. Sunrise is also a delight in this island.  Relish the rising of the sun. Again, do not miss the sunrise!
    bantayan island cebu water

    After you eat your breakfast, you start your island hopping by 7:00 AM. You can ask from the receptionist for a person who operates the boat for Island Hopping (Or, you can already have Travel Cebu prepare that for you.).

    The cost for the Island Hopping is P 1,000 to P2, 000, depending on the number of sites you visit. The site that should always be on the list is the fantastic Virgin Island.

    Virgin Island will surely take your breath away.

    7. Taste seafood and popular “danggit” of Bantayan Island Cebu.

    Besides the exotic beaches, Bantayan Island has culture to offer. Go to MJ Square to find food restaurants and varied food choices. You can get to MJ Square by motorela/tricycle for P 10.

    There are many foreign and native delicacies you can find from the MJ Square. However, it is best that you try the fresh seafood of this island. There is a P150 to P299 buffet of seafood you can have in MJ Square.

    Further, “danggit” or dried rabbit fish is cheaper in Bantayan Island Cebu. Thus, you may get this delicacy as your “pasalubong” or gift from your trip in Bantayan Island.


    Taking a trip to Bantayan Island Cebu may take awhile. But, it is definitely worth the travel. The Island has magic that soothes your soul.

    If you are looking for a tourist guide in Cebu you can check this – Cebu Tourist Spots Guide

    For a hassle-free tour, you can book with Travel Cebu. 

    Or you can check our Cebu City Tour Package

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